Updated 26 April 2020

Hi folks!
We're looking forward to your return this year to the high country, but it appears it's going to be a bit longer.  We will not open the campground until we are confident in your opportunity to have a safe and enjoyable vacation here.

Bottom Line Up Front: We now know our earliest opening date this year will be no earlier than June 1st. We don’t know at this time whether we will be able to open on the 1st of June, however. If you have reservations for Memorial Day Weekend we will be contacting you shortly. 
We have the recently released 4th Amended Public Health Order (APHO) covering Hinsdale County. It is set to expire at midnight on the 15th of May. When the next order comes out we will have a better idea about our ability to operate in the month of June.  A copy of this APHO and all others can be found at: 

A few points on the order:
If you are a legal resident of Hinsdale County, you are listed as a primary resident. (This includes about half our staff)
If you own a home in Hinsdale County but your legal residence is somewhere else, you are a Non-resident Homeowner. (The other half of our staff).
If you come up to Hinsdale County and stay in your RV for 15 days or longer you are a Seasonal Resident. (About a third of our guests)
If you come up to Hinsdale County for 14 nights or shorter you are a Visitor. (The other two-thirds of our guests).
This order’s requirement that Non-Resident Homeowners and Seasonal Residents must spend the first 14 days inside their home or rig coupled with our being unable to take any guests who are going to stay less than 30 days are the two primary reasons we are pushing our opening day further into the summer (Section II E and F). When the new order comes out (sometime near 15 May) we are hoping that the situation will have improved sufficiently that the health district will be able to remove those restrictions.

Until then, there are still snow banks in the campground while the ice on the lake is pretty much gone as of today!

Updated 5 April 2020

We do not know exactly how the current pandemic will impact The Highlander this summer. We will not open the campground until we are posit
ive our guests will have a safe vacation. We are also receiving additional guidance and direction from the County, State and Federal governments. Our scheduled opening date is 15 May, but there is no guarantee we will actually open on that date.
As of this writing, we are adapting our reservation fee refund policy from what is written below. We will give a full refund to anyone who wants to cancel their reservation because of the impact of the pandemic. We can also allow folks to use that fee for a reservation at a later date in 2020 or 2021 if available. Once we have a firm opening date and begin to return to normal, we will revert back to our normal policy.
If we learn delays in the opening date will impact your reservation, we will contact you directly to find out how you would like to proceed with respect to the reservation fee (either a full refund or a rescheduling of your vacation). Stay safe folks!